Work with the Media

Dear children who are interested in working with the media to stop the violence, and the more people are informed about the needs of children on the Rights of the Child and the rights and the United Nations Convention on.
How? We are glad that you are ready to start the day. For a few ideas on how to get started here is as follows:
Read up information about the problem. Computer, or go to your local library.
You may be interested in working with you and a small group of children with If so, plan a meeting and talk to them you can share ideas. You to develop the kind of children's panel, can I speak with the local TV and radio talk show. Draw attention to the needs of the children, or you can plan some of the events, how to send a press release to request the media to attend the help people.
Think about what you and people want to know the best way to advertise.and ratified the UN Convention may apply for help. That is one way to go, but very different ideas. It is important that you speak in their own way, what are you talking about.
If you have a really good idea of ​​what you want to reflections, friends, family, favorite teacher or group leader. And management plan. We will be happy to help you. How can we know how the media to a press release on the day of the event written the best way to get in touch with the people, such as sample press release, click here.

Please tell us how we are doing what. Good luck.