How to Make A Soup Run

-First you need to plan where and when you will do your soup run
- You would need to get the supplies which are a big pot, a cart, plastic or paper products (napkins, plates, bowls and utensils) and ingredients for whatever you may choose to make. On cold days you might want to make something like hot soup and give out bread, cheese or sandwiches to go with it. You might want to give out fruits or cookies for dessert.
-You might want to check with your local grocery store or community to see if you can get any extra help with your soup run.
- Next you need to start cooking the food you will serve.
- After you make your food supply make sure that you have made enough to fill the big pot and enough to serve a good amount of people.
-Something you can do before you head out if you want is to find out places like shelters that are in the neighborhood in which they could go and sleep. You can print the addresses out and make them into handouts which you can give to the people in the street.
- Then head out with your loaded cart, look for people in need and pass out food.

Remember to do this with friends and family. The more the better.