Volunteering At A Soup Kitchen

A great way to give back during the holiday season (and all year round) is to serve meals to the homeless or hungry. Follow these tips and give a great gift you will never forget.
How do I volunteer?
You can do a super quick online search of “Soup Kitchen + Your Town Name" or check your local yellow pages to find a soup kitchen in your area.
Soup kitchens get a ton of volunteers around the holidays. If they say they have enough, just ask what else you can do to help.
If you can't find a shelter, try a senior center.They could use some help as well.
What should I expect when I get there?
Most soup kitchens have four or five hour daily volunteer shifts.
For some volunteer jobs, like delivering food to people, you may need training – for others, like serving food, you can start right away.
You may be asked to help prepare food, pick up donations, take inventory of food, and clean up.
What else should I know?
Some soup kitchens have a Food Pantry too. See if you can collect donations for your local food pantry at your school.
Be a part of the Tackle Hunger campaign . Or work with Oxfam and have a hunger banquet.
Soup kitchens and food pantries need help year-round. Make it a monthly or weekly habit to volunteer for a day. Don’t forget to ask your friends and family to join with you!