Wanna Make Posters

Dear Kids Who Are Interested in
Postermaking About the Needs of Kids And the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child:

How’s life? We’re glad that you are interested in working on this project. Here are some ideas that you might help you get started:

1. The poster has to make people curious about kids, their problems and how they can help. Therefore, you need a clear title that is visible and catching, the shorter the better. You also need to make clear what people can do to help. (For example, in a country that has not ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, people could write to the President of the country saying that the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child needs to be ratified. In a country, where the UN Convention has already been ratified, but children’s rights are being ignored, people could write to the country’s leaders and ask them to enforce the Convention and see that children’s rights are granted). If you want people to do something, be sure you give them all the information they need in order to do it. To check yourself, it’s good to ask yourself if you’ve told people who read your poster all that you needed to – who, what, when, where and why.

2. We are all more touched by things we see than by words. For example, when we hear the word “violence” it may not impress us very much, but when we see “violence” happening, then we know what it is about. Therefore, it is good to work with illustrations, photos, or images about the subject. It is good if you think what images come up in front of your eyes when you think about the subject on which you are focusing attention in your poster. This can help you to decide what image, photo, or drawing you could use on the poster to make people curious. But, remember, since we look at a poster while we walk past it, the image should again give a clear message. You could use photos cut out of magazines, or newspapers. If they are too small, you could have them blown up in a copy center for a small amount of money. If you like to draw and paint, that’s great to do and you can create your own image or picture. You could also copy your own image in a copy center or have it blown up. If you like art work, you could also make a collage with cut outs from magazines and newspapers to address the subject. But remember, you want people to understand what this is about, so simple and clear is the best.

3. Another thing everybody is attracted to is colors. We get more curious and maybe stop to look at something if it has strong colors. However, the colors should not overpower the message you want to get across. But if you use strong black markers for writing, it helps a great deal if the image you use is in strong colors.

4. You also have to decide about the size of posters you are going to make. Big of course is more visible. But besides being more complex to make, you need to have a big space to display them, and space might be rare. Small posters are easier to make and to post. You might want to post them again and again in various places so people might see them all over and be reminded all the time about the issues and what they can do. Small posters might also be used as fliers for additional distribution. So maybe it is good to make big and small.

5. If you are very creative, you can make each poster different. But you can also make copies. If you decided to make small posters, you could have them copied in a copy center and you could maybe add the colors individually afterwards, since they will just be black and white. Or you can copy just the image you choose, cut it out and glue it on the posters. Again you could color them individually afterwards and add the writing.

6. Where is it a good place to put them?

Remember that placing the posters outdoors means that they get wet, and that might ruin all your work. If you still decide to place them outdoors, it is wise just to have the copies from the copy center posted, otherwise the colors will run. Find stores in your neighborhood that will allow you to place them in their window or door. Post them in school halls, in libraries, community rooms or cafeterias. Ask your friends to post them in their neighborhoods.

Good luck. Please let us know how you are doing and send us copies of your posters so that we can share them with other kids.

Remember that Kids Meeting Kids Can Make A Difference.