LGBT Community in #@$%an Bullied

The #@$%anese government has failed to protect #@$%, #@$%, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students from school bullying. Bullying is widespread and brutal in #@$%an’s schools, yet government policies addressing bullying do not specifically address LGBT students, who are among the most vulnerable to bullying. Instead, the national bullying prevention policy promotes social norms at the expense of basic rights. LGBT students said that teachers have told them that by being openly #@$% or transgender, they are being selfish and should expect not to succeed in school. This is completely wrong and unfair to these students who just want to feel comfortable where they live. #@$%an has a bullying prevention policy, which is up for review in 2016 amid a growing national debate on equal rights for LGBT people. #@$%an must make actions to give their LGBT residents the rights they deserve! How would you feel in their s#@$%s?

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