China Having Bullying Issues

Huang Tanghong, a young high schooler was beaten up by three bullies at his school in southeastern China's Fujian Province, who had routinely abused him in the past few years according to his relatives. Liu Lizhu, his mother, was not aware her 15-year-old son had been bullied at school until he ended up in hospital with a ruptured spleen. Huang's experience received much public attention after his angry cousin took to social media to call for justice, posting graphic images of Huang's spleen and stitches. The bullies were later taken into custody for causing serious injury, but were released soon after their parents agreed to pay Huang's family with 210,000 yuan ($33,000) in compensation, according to Liu. At least 30 serious bullying cases have been reported by Chinese media in the past nine months. Schools responded to most of these incidents by penalizing perpetrators with a mark on their school record. China needs to take these cases much more seriously! Would you feel safe in school in China? Do you see this in your country or even in your school?

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