Environmental Protection Leads to Human Rights

When you think about it, many countries have serious environmental issues just like i mentioned in my post earlier this week. Now when you truly think about it, saving the environment is much more than simply just saving the environment. By the environmental problems rising being solved, many people can go back to showering without worrying about lead poisoning, or even breathing air outside of their homes without the need of a mask so that their lungs don't become damaged. Simple parts of life are unavailable to so many people just because of the environment being neglected. Now imagine being able to prevent any more damage or even reversing damage already made? How about if I tell you we really could do it! Now this just requires that all of us make changes to the energy we all consume and actually act on the ways we can better the environment. What have you done to help the environment? What are your suggestions to help the environment?
Earth Day – celebrated every April 22 – is an opportunity to reflect upon the successes and failures in protecting the environment and the humans living within it. In many cases, successes start from strong laws diligently applied. Yet, far too often, failures come not from lack of written law but lack of enforcement, as officials find environmental and labor regulations to be interfering with private sector interests and "burdensome" to economic growth. Violations of the rights to life, to health, and to safe food and water are among the results. Lets help make a change in this world and peoples lives!

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