Our Environment Needs Us

Over the past century, the average annual temperature on earth has increased, the oceans have warmed, snow and ice caps have diminished, and sea levels have risen. Climate change is being felt in countries throughout the world, from low-lying countries such as Bangladesh and the Maldives to mountain tops. These changes in the climate are imposing an increasing burden on governments, especially in countries with limited resources. One reason for the attention to the relationship between climate change and human rights is the recognition that climate change is having an uneven impact across the world. We all have to notice how crucial taking care of this world is to everyones survival. Some countries or people ship off their waste which just ends up in another country and then what?! What happens is their environment worsens, therefore causing them to have issues which is what we are seeing all around the world. Lets all be more environmentally friendly! This doesn't mean going all out and buying solar panels for heating, though that would be nice! This just means make sure you recycle, make sure you don't overuse the water, or even take a second look at that hybrid while car shopping. Just simple things that you may think are unnecessary. We can make a difference! So lets do it!

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