Somaliland's Disability Care Centers

In Somaliland, the care centers are horrible. They have to do something about it. In an article I read this week they spoke about how the patients are mistreated. People who are there because their families can no longer care for them are neglected. Families are paying for them to get care and treated better but they are only treated worse. The people in these centers are being chained to their beds so that they cannot move. Then they also force them to take unrelated medications like in the case of a person that the reporter interviewed for this article. The person took Olanzapine which is a drug that not only is not approved by the FDA but is also used for treating dementia which is not the issue the person had. People like him and others in the centers can spend numerous months shackled to their beds indoors without any access to light. How do you feel about the mistreatment these people are getting? The government needs to do something about this! How do you think we can help? Maybe if we get together and start a petition we can cause the government to look into this! We have to try something.

Information based on a report from Human Rights Watch with Opinions from Raymond Iglesias, Youth Organizer, from Kids Meeting Kids.

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