Report on Armed Conflict

The report below is based on Human Rights Watch interviews with more than 120 people, including 19 children, ages 10 to 17. They speak about the horrible armed groups both government and non-governmental that have used schools as a place for a battleground. No matter where the fighting is, it ruins lives of innocent civilians that want nothing but to go on with their normal lives. Armed conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo over the past two decades has resulted in the deaths of an estimated five million people to violence, fighting, hunger, and disease. Combatants from dozens of Congolese and foreign armed groups and soldiers from the Congolese army, as well as the Rwandan and Ugandan armies, have carried out massacres, rapes, executions, torture, arson, and recruitment of children into their forces. They have numerous international crimes that they have committed and need to be brought to justice. What do you think? Now go read the report at the link below and see for yourself.

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