Dear World Leaders:

Kids are important. And right now, everyday, 21,000 die because they do not have enough food to eat or they do not receive proper care. They go to war, too. Kids need good food, good homes, good schools and to feel safe. We all need to work together to make that happen.
Leaders from countries all over the world meet over and over about problems that face children. We need more changes to be made. There are still many problems that children have to go through. We hope that the world leaders can keep improving the lives of children all around the world.
We kids are very happy that the Convention on the Rights of the Child, a kind of Bill of Rights for children, has been adopted by the United Nations and many countries. It has guidelines that help kids stay alive, stay safe and be heard. It was the first time that a document had been passed like this to help all kids in the world.
We know that now the Convention on the Rights of the Child must be ratified and made into law in every country in order to start helping kids. We know that many countries have already ratified the Convention but not all of them. The United States is now the only one that has not ratified the Convention and many countries have still yet to incorporate it into their laws. We ask all countries to work on getting kids all of their rights and to enforce them, too.
We don’t need war. We need a world where kids and grown ups have enough to eat, a place to live, schools and people to take care of them. We need peace and more help for everybody, Please work for peace and fairness for all people. Also please work towards helping the kids, who are the future grown ups of the world. Work hard for the world’s children.

Kids From All Over The World

PS. We hope that there will be no more wars. We ask adults to stop sending children into wars. We ask you to see that your country protects its children.