US Made Record Foreign Sales for Arms

The United States is known to be a great force when it comes to Arms and their Military but little do most know they are also very big in selling their strong weapons across the seas. The United States had sold 66.3 Billion Dollars in weapons, which is calculated to be more then 3 quarters of the world's arm's sales which totals at 85.3 Billion. This amount is a complete shock considering that the United States totaled only 21.4 Billion the year before with the intense increase in just one year. You might be wondering why this is important. This is so because of the fact that they are arming many of the countries around the world; some that use child soldiers or have shown links to supplying insurgents which raises danger worldwide. With more arms in the world will there be more wars? Should they be more careful who they sell to? What do you think?

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