Workshop on Non-Violence Participants Evaluation Form

9. Participants Evaluation form


1.Re introduce ourselves.
2.Follow up on last meeting.
3. Introduce the idea of the problem tree. Have someone draw a large tree. on the leaves of the tree put the problems.

Look at the leaves. What causes the problems?
Fill in the bark of the tree with the causes?

Know what causes those things to happen. We need to look for the root causes. Place them at the roots.

If we're going to change things, we're going to have to deal with those root causes or at least, we're going to have to know about them if we're going to make any changes that will last.

4. Close your eyes. Picture the place the way you would like it to be. What would it look like?

Decide a community project
Hand out "Some Ideas for Help Increase the Peace and Stop the Violence". Brain storm on things we can do to help decide on a possible project to work in our school, community center or neighborhood.

What would you do to make that happen? Collect ideas. Decide who wants to do what? Begin the work.

5. Plan for next meeting