A Decade After

Exploitation in South India


In India, many young girls are  being put in endangering conditions. These young girls make clothing in India and are put in wretched condition to sweat and do hard labor for more than 12 hours everyday of the week. These girls are abused by their employers and paid very little. How do you feel about these young girls being exploited? What can be done to stop this in India and many other countries?

Schools, Stuck in the Mix


In India, many schools are being sabotaged and put at risks. This is so as Armed Militants are targeting the state-run schools. Also government armed forces are occupying the state-run school making the schools and district areas even more of a threat to the community. Do you think it is right for the armies to be in schools?

Vietnam children Left in Prison


In Vietnam, children are being imprisoned. The government is campaigning to clear the streets of the many wandering and lone children in Hanoi. The way they are dealing with these young children is by placing them in prisons leaving them to be abused, neglected and sexually assaulted. Any other options for keeping the children out of the streets?


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