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Documentary about Malala

In the documentary film “He Named Me Malala,” we see Malala Yousafzai at school, at home, and in her work as an advocate for children’s education. A Pakistani schoolgirl who survived being shot in the head by a Taliban gunman, Malala is also the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace Prize. It can be easy to forget that she’s also a teenage girl, something the documentary reminds of us of, as we see her worrying about school and fitting in. Now living in England, we see the challenges she faces integrating into a new country, as well as the strong Yousafzai family bond.

Driving Drunk

On CNN I saw an article in which a young girl who was 23 was live streaming herself driving while drunk using a new app called Periscope which has gained a huge following recently. This is something that is very serious she was not only drunk and driving but also using her phone to record the whole thing to show the world. Thanks to some good people watching her on Periscope, she was arrested and faces a charge of driving under the influence. I disapprove of drunk driving in every way, I believe that if you were to ever even think you could be drunk you should not be driving at all.

Violence Must Stop

In Israel, the government is faced with escalating violence, including at least five attacks Tuesday, Israel is considering new security measures, including making its easier for Israelis to buy firearms. Much of the violence happened around Jerusalem, the scene of ongoing issue over a disputed holy site in the Old City. This site is one that holds a very important mosque to the Muslims and also is said to be the grounds of where a great holy Jewish temple once stood. Tuesday's violence included:

Great News From the EPA

Before, I have spoken about the dangers of pesticides and the children using them in farms. Now action is being taken. So hopefully, we’ll hear fewer of these stories in the future. On September 29th, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced stronger regulations aimed at protecting farmworkers from pesticides. For the first time, the EPA’s Agricultural Worker Protection Standard will ban children under 18 from handling pesticides in fields where they work and from re-entering fields where pesticides have recently been sprayed.

ISIS Victims Given Some Hope

ISIS has damaged the lives of many in the Middle East. ISIS considers Christians and Jews to be "people of the book:" religions recognized and respected in the Koran. But their "movement" detests the Yazidis, who they consider to be apostates. In fact, ISIS proudly revived a horrific practice as punishment for the Yazidis, imposing a modern-day version of slavery on its Yazidi prisoners. But some have luckily escaped from their grasps. In Iraqi Kurdistan there was a farewell ceremony held for the victims of ISIS who escaped.

ISIS Needs to Be Stopped

Aziza Hamad, 14, was one of more than 30 desperate civilians who made a mad scramble to get onto an Iraqi military helicopter back in August 2014. Thousands of civilians from Iraq's Yazidi religious minority had fled to higher ground to escape the murderous attacks of ISIS militants. Families like Aziza's had spent more than a week trapped on the heights of Mount Sinjar, under control of the fighters, and with little access to food or water. More than a year after their escape, CNN tracked down Aziza and her family to the refugee camp in Iraqi Kurdistan where they now live.

Justice Takes Time

At Kids Meeting Kids one thing we’ve learned is that justice can sometimes take a long time. This article is exactly showing that. It is about a case against five people who had been raising millions of euros in Europe for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, an armed group that had fought for decades against the Sri Lankan government until their defeat in 2009. Fundraising for the Tamil Tigers was illegal in the Netherlands, due to the group’s long history of human rights abuses in Sri Lanka.

Children in Ukraine Without School

It’s the beginning of a new school year in Ukraine, but the children of the small village of Nikishine in eastern Ukraine no longer have a school to go to. There are gaping holes instead of windows, and huge chunks of the roof are missing. Inside the school, pieces of chairs and desks, mangled world maps and books are strewn across the floors, mixed with broken glass, half buried under piles of rubble. Classroom doors are shattered or torn off. Broken lights are hanging by the thread. This was all a result of the war in Ukraine.

Tanzania Needs Changes To Be Made

Child labor remains a critical issue for Tanzania. Poverty drives many children into child labor. Children work in many industries, including agriculture, domestic work, and fishing. Children as young as 8-years-old risk their lives working in licensed and unlicensed small mines. Children in the Geita, Kahama and Chunya districts dig and drill in deep unstable pits. Sometimes there are pit collapses, causing injury and death. This puts them all in grave danger and laws and regulations on mercury are poorly implemented; mining inspectors often give priority to collecting revenue.

Paramilitary in Phillipines

In the Phillipines paramilitary forces have attacked indigenous villages and schools in the southern region of Mindanao. There are two main groups who are doing the damage to these villages. Now although this is happening, the Phillipine military refuses to act in order to protect their own people. That needs to end and it needs to end now. Many even speculate that the military is linked to these paramilitary groups so that they can be cleared out for new business and industries to come in. What do you think?