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Help Stop #@$%phobic Bill in Russia

In Russia, the Legislative Assembly of the St. Petersburg region is thinking of attempting to amend their Law on Administrative Violations. This change focuses on the penalties for "public actions aimed at propaganda of sodomy, #@$%ism, bisexuality and transgenderness amongstminors." The amendment of the Law on Administrative Violations would be a direct violation of the freedom of expression and of assembly of these minors who are or seem to be #@$%, #@$%, bisexual, transgender or intersex. These groups of people are also known as LGBTI. It would also deny them their right

#@$%anese Horrors of the Past

In #@$%an, during the Second World War, the #@$%anese Imperial Army enslaved many women under the age of 20 and as young as 12 as sex
slaves. The survivors from this sexual slavery never truly spoke out for themselves after being so physically and mentally traumatized. At least not