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South Africa, Endangering Mothers and Babies

In South Africa, medical services are not providing the proper maternity care. Over the past decade the maternal mortality rate has quadrupled in South Africa because of this. This puts both the mothers and newborns in danger. Any possible reasons that the healthcare workers do this? How can South Africa fix this problem?

Mali is Putting a Stop to Child Labor

In Mali, a new National Action Plan for the Elimination of Child Labor was adopted. This is helping about half of the country's children who are working in hazardous conditions. Mali adopted this plan on June 12th, the eve of The World Day Against Child Labor. How do you think this plan will benefit the country? Any possible negatives of this plan?

Insurgents Attack Civilians in Thailand

In Thailand, insurgents from the south are attacking the civilians. They are putting their own people in danger by bombings, and other destructive forms of action. This is not fair for the innocent children and adults being victimized by this. How could the endangering attacks be stopped? What do you feel should be done about this?


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