A Call to Action

A Call to Action

(The following information is from In Child’s Best Interest, A Primer on the UN Convention by Kay Castelle.)
A Few Facts:

A lot of Kids are in a lot of Trouble…

1. No country protects the rights of all its children.
2. No country provides kids with sufficient health care, education, day care, housing, or nutrition.
3. No country protects them from abuse, neglect, or exploitation.
4. Every day more than 38,000 children die from lack of food, shelter, or primary health care.
5. More than 100 million children work under hazardouse and sometimes deadly conditions.
6. There are more than 80 million homeless children who live on the streets of the world’s cities.

More Facts on Children and War

1. There are more than 10 million child refugees worldwide.
2. Children are forcibly recruited into the armed services.
3. They are tortured in front of their parents, sentenced to death, and even executed.

Abuse and Sexual Exploitation:

1. Due to need for food shelter, many children are forced into prostitution, pornography and slavery.
2. In the United States alone, 1.9 million children were abused and neglected in 1986.


1. There is still widespread racial, religious and social class discrimination against children and their families.
2. We know that these facts are frightening and sad – but the hope lies in the fact that we can change them – together.

What Can Be Done

The world can make commitment to the protection of its children through ratifying a set of international agreements on the treatment of children and seeing to their enforcement.

End The Fighting and the Killing:
Make a Good Place for All Of us to Live

A Few Facts

1. Nearly 40 of our countries are at war.
2. In many of our countries, whole groups of people have learned to hate each other and are fighting just because they are different fron one another.
3. In many of our cities, even in countries that are not at war, our neighborhoods are filled with violence. You could say that they are war zones.
4. In most situations of armed conflict, whether in wars or in city street or country battles, most people who are killed or wounded ar not soldiers or fighters but children, women, old people and other who have nothing to do with teh fighting at all.
5. Billions of dollars are spent and wasted on guns, weapons, and arms. The money spent is used to hurt us. Instead, it could be used to help. It could be used for good food, for schols, for health care, for hospitals, for home to live in, for community centers, and for many other good things.

More Facts:

1. Every day more than 30,000 of us die from lack of food, shelter, or primary health care.
2. There are more than 10 million of us who have no homes left because of wars and fighting. They are refugees. Many of them have lost their friends and families.
3. There are more than 80 million of us who live on the streets of the worlds’ cities. Street kids are being killed by grownups who don’t want us around.
4. Due to the need for food and housing or wish for more material possession, many of us are forced into prostitution, thievery, pornography, drug dealing and slavery.
5. More than 100 million of us work under dangerous and sometimes deadly conditions. We do not go to school at all.