Write for Newspapers

Dear friends:

We are glad you are interested in writing for newspapers and magazines on the Rights of the Child, children's needs and rights, and the UN convention on the that.

A few ideas here on how to get started are as follows:

Information about the problem until reading. Move to go to the local library or on the computer. Few articles reporting on a variety of topics on the Rights of the Child on the blog you can see.
Determine where you want to start. Write your articles in the school newspaper? Letter to the editor of your local newspaper? Editing of the children? Short piece of kids 'or adults' love letter or magazine? But many magazines at your local library, you can find May be in a position to submit their respective internal advice. Most of the time, to edit or submit your own headquarters will be. You can also find the following on their site.

Like what you say, and can say that the best way to think about what. First the way, how can help children, and the people ratified, the UN Convention to apply in all countries of the world, how can kids things about how hard it is written to the United Nations Convention on the will help children everywhere they can. It can go is one way, but in a very different idea. It allows you to say, in its own way as a writer, and to say what to say is important.
First, when you write, Do not worry about grammar, spelling and punctuation. Write your second or third attempt, without having to worry about these things. You created loud read. Departure Did you do anything? What is the good news for you? If you want to change, now. And now, you can check for punctuation, spelling and grammar. To friends, family, or favorite teacher. Their own ideas and you agree to the new changes.

You can write in a newspaper or magazine, send off with him or her a short letter considered for publication the editor you want to say and have the best documentation you are satisfied. Now with technology updates, you arrive safely and easily able to guarantee editor or his department to send an email. Keep a copy for yourself if you were lost, the day of the self-help must be enclosed in an envelope. If you decided not to post editor, your documents can be sent to you. If you want to read your articles (Do not be discouraged if this could happen, almost all writers on a regular basis to get a letter of rejection.) Again, it's a little re-write, and then write a new cover letter to the editor and can be sent to another publication.

Good luck to you. To hear your ideas to us, please send your articles. We can share each other.