Gun Issues

Gun Myths and Realities-

Myth 1: Guns Make you safe.


In fact guns make you far less safe and endanger you loved ones. According to a recent study, a gun in home increases the likelihood of homicide threefold.

A gun in the home is also 43 times more likely to be used to commit homicide, suicide, or an accidental killing than it is to be used for self-defense.

Myth 2: Guns don’t kill, people kill.


In fact, according to the FBI, “When asaults by type of weapon are examined, a gun proves to be seven times more deadly than all other weapons combined.” In 1990 over 500 children and youths under 20 were killed by guns in accidental shootings.

Myth 3: Controlling gun violence is soley or primarily a law enforcement problem.


While enforcing our criminal laws is an important component of any attempt to deal with crime, law enforcement alone will never eradicate the root causes – such as poverty and joblessness – of crime and violence. People who feel they haev nothing to lose simply will not be deterred by the threat of criminal punishment. FBI Director Lewis Freeh, Attorney General Janet Reno, and other law enforcement officials have called for greater investment in children in their early years as a key crime prevention strategy.

Myth 4: More prisons will curb gun violence.


During the 1980s, the U.S. prison population nearly tripled, while the violent crime rate continued to rise. Most gun violence occurs in the course of arguments and not other criminal behavior, often is not premeditated, and therefore not subject to criminal deterrence.

Myth 5: Most violence is racially motivated.


Eighty-three percent of White victims are slain by Whites and 94 percent of Black victims are slain by Blacks. Violence is correlated with poverty, discrimination, poor education, and lack of hope as well as race and ethnicity. Crime victims are disproportionately lower income and minority citizens.