Work to Stop the Violence

Dear Kids Who Are Interested In
Working To Stop Violence:

How are things? There is surely way too much violence in the world these days in wars, on the streets and right in our own neighborhoods. Here are some things you can do.

Read up and become informed on the issues. Head to your computer or your local library.
Think about what you want to do to stop violence. You might want to get together with a small group of kids and friendly grownups who would be interested in working with you. If so, talk to them, plan a meeting and share your ideas on how you would like to go about your work.
Do you want to work in your school, in your neigborhoods, or with local youth groups? Would you like to become local peacemakers, learning how to mediate arguments and practice non-violence? Remember, if you want to make peace, it’s important to work for fairness.
Would you like to hold meetings with large numbers of kids to talk about how you could help each other and work together to take some action against violence? Would you like to work with many people to hold meeting for both kids and grownups on what can be done to stop violence. Maybe you would hold a walk to remember people who have been victims of violence and to call your community’s attention to how much violence there is in our world.
Maybe you’d want to learn how to and run this workshop with other kids and get them to thinking about what causes violence and work to join you in changing this.

Please let us know what you think and what you are doing. We’ll be glad to help in whatever ways we can.