Hang in There for The Long Haul

How to hang in long-term.

Young people are committed to working for peace and justice, and ask the elders of the people for so long, these efforts have been able to keep himself from time to time. We must obtain and retain talent, energy, and the early commitment of these youth. Any map can provide to them?
Here are some suggestions:

He recognized can enjoy live plants trees berries. Other advanced than we, as we still able to provide these services has gathered. Not always expect fast results, long look.
All / all / all are connected. Be a more effective understanding of satisfaction, and holistic approach to life.
You can not do everything - you can always do something. To focus on efficiency and inefficiency can occur frequently. How you can give your other important obligations, energy and talent that location.
Remember, the necessary changes in the world that does not rely alone. That burden is taken from your shoulder! Burn-out blood: respites from the relentless pressure to find. Should live your life!
Financial success in the efforts for social change. Success To prevent that situation from getting worse. The success of one goal without a break in attempt to get some of what it is. The first decades of peace and after the performance to start a movement for justice that is success. Dark days you want to keep alive hope for success.
taht the courage to realize that almost alone by those who does not awaken. You are able to withstand the pressures of society to go to the support for all the non-cooperation and to provide support for each other, like-minded people you should look for.
Can develop to maintain faith. Hope, propagation, or succumbing to despair to you and other people, in order to secure the personal and collective action would be useless to create, do not.
Adopts the philosophy of nonviolence as a way of life, a thorough Behaviors and attitudes, only a temporary strategy that can be applied to try to. On the principle of integrity, consistency and persistance is essential.
Find joy and satisfaction, so what you get is usually a small gain! Depressed relative and reconciliation, smile, Thank you for the first word of the autistic child.
In attacks on people, not issues / problems, difficulty concentrating. To prevent the demonizing of opponents, the parties to resolve the conflict or hatred for, and it does not match. Taht people need to be understood by reason, but not necessarily go to the people is what it is.
Most of you can see that does not need to bring a big change. A "critical mass," relentlessly permanently commit a handful of personal information, wonders can be performed. One stone, the arch can not be A drop of water can not turn the mill wheel. However, one plus one plus another million (or column) of the disciples!
"They are also waiting ten thousand people provide." Think time, we always midstream mounted stop the tragedy can not be, we are particularly "external." Ultimately, the contention of the parties together with their problems must be willing to solve. Then we can help.
Success, nonviolently change frequently, you may find that there are many ways and means. / Or alternatives, or Be su#@$%ious of anyone who claims or claims that "we do not have a choice." Selection always is satisfactory, even if
Remember, the means and the end are inextricably connected. Means the ends achieved if there is pre-use. "There is no way that peace can be at peace."
and the response to those who doubt the efficacy of nonviolence. Turning the question: How are you doing "violence and war effect?" There is a growing literature on the success of nonviolent means to resolve conflict and injustice.
So serious structural problems will not be solved by the action in the middle of the road "," observation. Radical changes than dealing with the root cause of these conditions, you may need to the basic solution in the direction of the move so that you can. ("Extreme" and emergency proposal to determine if citizens, non-violence), and an important social function can be performed.
Learn from other people's long-standing experience. Of natural phenomena societables For example, the natives teach sustainable for us to explain much. Current social system is not sustainable. Unlimited sacrifice the welfare of other people it exists to fatal, depending on the effort "growth" and the destruction of the earth and the terrible human problems are leading.
Maintaining a sense of humor. Often less than you expect, but the event, than you fear. Humor can be an antidote to despair, as well as a good tool to dispute. For example, in one of the campus in the 1960s on the south side of the rim of the label says: "only this tree on a white dog is only for the color of the wood dog! 'Or' failure 'cover only' white 'drinking appeared at the fountain, bathroom, elevator!
Structural social change majors come form the top, do not expect leadership. Rare political courage growing grassroots sentiment tends Expectations, attitudes, and not the conditions of social change tend to follow the law. Thus, in a leading grassroots work and build pressure changes.
Know that there is really no absolute dictator. Their position in order to keep your wits about you, they need to keep their ears to the ground, affected world opinion and behavior, and eventually modified. Can be weakened by many in the form of non-violent resistance and non-cooperation of their legitimacy not from within.
Mankind collectively, enough to change the way that everyone has done or even when you think she can do, can fail, and the fact itself in time to avoid disaster produced know. Not guarantee success, but integrity is expected. However, one is still for integrity, justice and peace at work and in order to live, and more space can be rendered any calculations, and security can be felt. You, me, and others, we can see a new, more humane, we help to realize a sustainable society!

Don Island, Hamline University, St. Paul, Minnesota Professor Emeritus in the activist for a long time. CO of the Second World War, he took part in the civil rights movement in the 1960s, as well as participate in the peace and Central America Peace Brigade witnesses for international action. Arrested on the peace testimony he was imprisoned.