In One Day

American children living in * 1 *

Nine children are killed.

30 children are injured by guns.

Three children died as child abuse.

27 die in poverty.

2,350 children are in adult jails.

307 children are arrested on su#@$%ion of a crime of violence.

5703 Youth is a victim of a violent crime.

2255 Youth School Place.

2,868 babies born into poverty.

Did you know ...

Deaths by firearms in 1991, while many American children under the age of 10, combined with twice the U.S. military in the Persian Gulf (Persian Gulf) and were killed in Somalia.
Childhood growing up in Northern Ireland, the children of the United States likely to die by shooting 15 times.
Homicides. Third of deaths among children 5 to 14 years old now the main cause.
More young black men every year than all the violence in the American history through by the total number killed.
The average hospital cost for treating a child injured by a shot is $ 14,434.