How to Organize Hoops For Peace

First you have to understand what HOOPS FOR PEACE really is. It is a way using sports to keep kids and teens out of the streets and thinking of ways to avoid violence. In the past we have used basketball to do so but it can be done with any sport.

After you understand what it is, you must begin to plan by first figuring out what sport you want to play and then figuring out a place you where can do this. When you have found both of these things you must then plan out a budget for this project because you need to know if you have the funds to do so. If you do not, reach out to local sources (community centers, stores in your neighborhood, adult organizations, places that might donate funds for equipment, shirts and trophies, etc.). Then after doing this, find kids that are interested in the sport and live in tough neighborhoods where there is a high rate of violence. Form four teams to play together. Set up a tournament on a weekend or on days off in which all teams can play. Two teams play while the other two teams waiting to play go to peace workshops you run where they can work together and learn better ways to handle tough situations.

On our website we have readings on non-violence. There is a lot of information under this tab and also a Workshop on Non-Violence here. There is also an information sheet "If You Are Stopped By a Cop" under the Important Documents tab that is useful.

At the close of the tournament, every player should receive something to remind them of Hoops For Peace or whatever you call your event whether it is trophies, medals, certificates, photos or whatever you choose.