Egypt Turning A Blind Eye to Children

Egyptian security forces allegedly tortured a group of 20 people, eight of them children, in February 2016. This was after an arrest sweep in Alexandria, Human Rights Watch said on the 21st. Relatives and lawyers said the authorities refused to acknowledge holding them or to tell their families their whereabouts for more than a week and tortured them to make them confess to crimes or provide the names of other suspects. Six of the detainees described to relatives how they were tortured and subjected to other ill-treatment at the Security Directorate, according to their relatives. The mistreatment included being punched and given electric shocks in the genitals, having their arms tied and being suspended from their arms,and being handcuffed in painful positions for long periods,as well as having water thrown on them, and being forced to sleep on the floor in the cold. “Some Egyptian officials have disappeared children and apparently tortured them, then faked arrest records to cover it up,” said Zama Coursen-Neff, Children’s Rights Director at Human Rights Watch. “The authorities have turned a blind eye to the reports of abuse and refused to investigate.” This is a huge issue and needs to be addressed! Egypt needs to stop turning a blind eye and get to investigating the allegations made because if their citizens are disappearing, it is their responsibility to address it and make changes to make sure the issue never happens again!

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