There's a Cowspiracy!

Cowspiracy? Yeah that's right. Not conspiracy but COWspiracy. It's the name of a impacting new documentary released on Netflix that was produced by actor and climate change activist; Leonardo DiCaprio. The documentary is about the Animal Agriculture System and how it affects the environment. The narrator, Kip Anderson, an ordinary Californian who had always been involved with environmental activism takes a strong stance against Animal Agriculture giving many, possibly even too many, facts about the negative environmental impacts of the industry. He goes on his own investigative road trip facing numerous obstacles along the way while interviewing Environmental Groups on the topic. He finds out and discloses lots of information during his journey. The biggest of all that NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT, I'll spare you the details because I'd rather you readers watch and learn for yourselves but let me just give you this one bit of information. "Livestock and their by-products account for 51% of all worldwide greenhouse gas emissions" according to the documentary, and proven to be true when you do the research. So why didn't any of us know about this before? That's exactly what I was thinking! I actually have committed to making some changes to my lifestyle after watching this documentary. It really is worth watching. After you watch it let us know what you think of it? Also, did any of you know about the issues in the documentary before?

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