Bangladesh's Arsenic Water

The Bangladesh government is failing to adequately respond to naturally occurring arsenic in drinking water across large areas of rural Bangladesh. About 20 years after it coming to international attention, an estimated 20 million people in Bangladesh – mostly rural poor – still drink water contaminated more than the national standard. A report called, “Nepotism and Neglect: The Failing Response to Arsenic in the Drinking Water of Bangladesh’s Rural Poor,” documents how Bangladesh’s health system ignores the impact of exposure to arsenic on people’s health. An estimated 43,000 people die each year from arsenic-related illness in Bangladesh. According to one study shown in the report, those exposed are at significant risk of cancer, heart disease and lung disease as a result, but many receive no health care at all. This is not right and the government needs to act now! They have had 20 years to think of ways to do so and they have not, so someone needs to get involved. Lets try to find ways to make sure this doesn't happen. Not only that people of another or your own country get neglected but also that issues are not neglected for so long, especially not those concerning the daily needs of a country's people.

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