South Africa's Disabled

South Africa’s Parliament should urgently address the crisis in inclusive education affecting children with disabilities. The 600,000 children with disabilities in South Africa who remain out of school are indeed being left behind. On the plus side while addressing the Disability Rights Summit on March 10, The President of South Africa, President Zuma said: “Our goal as government is to ensure that by 2021, no children with disabilities will be out of school. They should all be able to attend their local neighboring schools and receive the necessary support.” South African and international organizations have presented key evidence to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Basic Education, pointing out the realities faced by many children with disabilities across the country, including persistent discrimination against children with disabilities in the education system. The government’s inaction on inclusive education is keeping many children with disabilities out of school. The government seems to want to do something about it but they are yet to do so. I think its time to implement some initiatives so that those 600,000 can begin to go to school. What do you think?

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