Violence Must Stop

In Israel, the government is faced with escalating violence, including at least five attacks Tuesday, Israel is considering new security measures, including making its easier for Israelis to buy firearms. Much of the violence happened around Jerusalem, the scene of ongoing issue over a disputed holy site in the Old City. This site is one that holds a very important mosque to the Muslims and also is said to be the grounds of where a great holy Jewish temple once stood. Tuesday's violence included:

-- A stabbing and a shooting took place on a bus in the Armon Anatziv area of Jerusalem
-- In the city's ultra Orthodox Malkei Israel area, a man drove into a bus stop, running over three people. He then got out of the car with a knife and stabbed three people.
-- Near Tel Aviv, a man stabbed another.
-- A fourth incident -- also a stabbing -- took place nearby in Raanana, authorities said.
-- A fifth attack occurred when a man drove into a crowd at a bus stop again in Jerusalem's Orthodox Malkei Israel area. The driver also got out a stabbed at least eight people.

In the violence many were hurt and some were killed but this should never happen. We need to live in peace with one another, not war. Both sides in this conflict have not been in the right. They have both been taking stabs at each other and this needs to stop now! What do you think could help end this?

“An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

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