ISIS Victims Given Some Hope

ISIS has damaged the lives of many in the Middle East. ISIS considers Christians and Jews to be "people of the book:" religions recognized and respected in the Koran. But their "movement" detests the Yazidis, who they consider to be apostates. In fact, ISIS proudly revived a horrific practice as punishment for the Yazidis, imposing a modern-day version of slavery on its Yazidi prisoners. But some have luckily escaped from their grasps. In Iraqi Kurdistan there was a farewell ceremony held for the victims of ISIS who escaped. For 66 women and children who had all been former captives of ISIS this was goodbye as they were all in a bus headed to the airport in order to reach their new asylum in Germany. The German government has agreed to help resettle up to 1,000 former captives and help them with medical treatment as needed. This is great news and I hope more happens to help the unfortunate to be placed there. How do you think we can help them? How does the ISIS conflict make you feel?

"We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope."-Martin Luther King, Jr.

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