ISIS Needs to Be Stopped

Aziza Hamad, 14, was one of more than 30 desperate civilians who made a mad scramble to get onto an Iraqi military helicopter back in August 2014. Thousands of civilians from Iraq's Yazidi religious minority had fled to higher ground to escape the murderous attacks of ISIS militants. Families like Aziza's had spent more than a week trapped on the heights of Mount Sinjar, under control of the fighters, and with little access to food or water. More than a year after their escape, CNN tracked down Aziza and her family to the refugee camp in Iraqi Kurdistan where they now live. "The year passed and we're all safe, thank god," said Dunya, Aziza's 18-year-old sister. "But if we went home it would be better." This is the sad and horrific reality lived by the many people affected by ISIS. It ruins lives, takes away homes, and even family members. ISIS is ruining lives day by day. ISIS has to be stopped somehow. ISIS has gone far and wide spreading havoc in the Middle East and every day it just gets worse. Can they be stopped? What is your point of view on what should be done?

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