Stop the Violence in Children’s Lives

Violence Comes in Many Forms

Over 50% of television cartoons are found to glorify violence; on average, showing 25 violent acts an hour.
The average homeless American is 9 years old.
75% of video games are combat oriented.
The average American seventh grader has witnessed 8,000 murders and 100,000 other acts of violence on TV.
13 children are killed with handguns everyday.
Children playing with toy guns in New York and other cities have been shot and killed by police officers who didn’t ask questions before they shot.
1 out of 4 children lives in poverty.
In 1996, Congress cut social spending (in education, housing, and urban development, nutrition programs, job training programs, etc.), but voted $10 billion more for the military; the military gets half of each tax dollar!

What You Can Do:

Don’t buy toys that encourage fighting, sexist stereotypes, the creation of enemies in play, or teach that violence and aggression are acceptable ways to settle disputes.
Organize or participate in a toy gun exchange in your community; remove guns from your home.
Watch television critically with children. Talk to them about violence, stereotypes and how different people are treated.
Protest JRTOC and military recruiting in schools; demand funding for non-military school programs.
Run workshops on violence. See our the ones we attach.