Carry Petitions

Dear Kids Who Are Interested In Carrying Petitions:

How are things? We’re glad that you’re ready to begin work. Here are some ideas on how to get started:

1. Read up and become informed on the issues. Head into your local library.
2. You might want to get together with a small group of kids who would be interested in working with you. If so, talk to them, plan a meeting and share your ideas on how you would like to go about petitioning. Do you want to work in your school, in your neighborhoods, or with local youth groups?
3. Think about what you would like to say and plan a petition.
4. Create your petition.
5. You can also go into and get involved. They also have templates you can use for your petitions. You can create or even support a petition on that site concerning a cause of your choice.

Good Luck.