Michigan's Guidelines for LGBT Youth Are Great

On Friday, the Obama Administration made headlines when the Department of Education and Department of Justice issued guidance explaining how public schools should respect the rights of transgender students. The government's guidance has started a debate, but it reflects a lesson that schools across the country have understood for years. Having policies in place to support #@$%, #@$%, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students is crucially important if schools are to make those students feel welcome and engaged in their communities. Yet policy guidelines for LGBT youth continue to be politicized, most recently in Michigan. At its meeting on May 10, Michigan’s Board of Education heard hours of public comment about proposed guidelines that schools could follow to become safer and more inclusive for LGBT students.Soon after Michigan started making guidelines for helping their LGBT youth . Michigan’s guidelines identified some of the best practices ranging from strong anti-bullying policies to staff training to enhanced school resources. This is great news and shows that some obvious progress is being made when it comes to the LGBT community within schools. Take a look at the guidelines they have proposed and comment on any that you think could be added or modified. It gives me hope that the proper changes can be made. How does it make you feel?

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